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16th Creative Jam

2020   -    Creative Jam  -   PC   -   Unreal Engine 4


You have organized the evening of the year and half the city is there, but, unfortunately, you seem to lose control over the evening!
You will have to intervene so that they do not ransack your house! Fortunately, your little brother is there to guide you to the situations to be resolved so that your evening becomes the best of the year again!

Game produced in 48 hours, as part of Poly Games' 16th Creative Jam.

Roles: Level design // Game design

13th Creative Jam


Life as a minotaur is not easy.

Living in a labyrinth is hard work and killing young Athenians seems to have lost its appeal over time.

When a new hero shows up, you refuse to kill him, and instead decide to race him to the exit. Maybe it's finally time to take a vacation!

Game produced in 48 hours, recipient of an honorable mention as part of the 13th Creative Jam of Poly Games.

Roles: Level design // Game design // Tech art // Level art

2018   -    Creative Jam  -   PC   -   Unreal Engine 4

Screw this bullshit

12th Creative Jam

2018   -    Creative Jam  -   PC   -   Unreal Engine 4


In this atmospheric and absurd twin-stick shooter, play as an infected cell inside the human body. Fight against waves of neurons in your attempt to reach the brain center!

Remind is a game made in 48 hours, winner of the 1st prize of the 12th edition of the Creative Jam organized by Poly Games.
Roles: Game design / / Tech art

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