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On a planet ravaged by climate change, a sister and her little brother are doing everything they can in their quest for a place to live. Having only one another, they will have to cross an endless desert to reach their goal, an oasis that is not ready to welcome them.

Cold Sun is a 3rd person exploration and stealth game produced as part of a student project at NAD in Montreal. This project was carried out in 15 weeks by a team of 23 students. I carried the role of level designer on the first three levels and game designer, in addition to prototyping the mechanics with Blueprint. This project won first prize in the Entertainment Software Association of Canada's 2020 Student Video Game Competition.

As a level designer on the Cold Sun project, my role was to create:

- Paper layouts to establish the player's course, and the progression  and teaching of mechanics

- Blockings in the game engine to test the readability of the environment and the clarity of the objectives
- Blueprint prototyping of the mechanics and scripted events of the levels

- The level art of the levels thanks to the assets created by our 3D artists

Through these steps, I took care of organizing several playtests in order to iterate on the levels with the player's feedback.

Level design: Daytime village


Level design: Nighttime village


Level design: Riverside

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