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Play cooperatively, as you control Aero and Terram, two robots who must pass rigorous quality control tests as they learn to use their skills. Death does not scare them, as they can be easily rebuilt at one of the assembly terminals present everywhere in Genos' laboratory. Your two robots being dependent on each other, you are connected by a cable preventing you from going too far from each other!

Obsolescence is a 2.5D asymmetric coop side-scroller created  Ubisoft 2020 Game Lab competitionin which I had the role of level designer for two of the three levels of the game, of game designer , and of prototyping mechanics in blueprint .A team of 8 people worked together for 10 weeks to create a playable prototype following the guidelines and constraints of the competition. The theme of this edition was generation and the constraints were Coop, progression, AI and LAN.

Level design: Tests rooms


Level design: Loading dock


As a level designer on the Obsolescence project, my role was to create:

- Paper layouts to establish the player's course, and the progression  and teaching of mechanics

- Blockings in the game engine to test the readability of the environment and the clarity of the objectives
- Blueprint prototyping of the mechanics and scripted events of the levels

- The level art of the levels thanks to the assets created by our 3D artists

Through these steps, I took care of organizing several playtests in order to iterate on the levels with the player's feedback.

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